Jewelry: what to wear for the summer?

Jewelry: What to Wear For the Summer?

When the weather is nice and the summer sun is bright, this is the best time to show off every day. Summer also rhymes with accessories and, in this respect, nothing like beautiful jewelry to bring a touch of authenticity to your look. However, not all jewels are good for summer, at the risk of creating the opposite of what you envision. To avoid the flop, here is all there is to know to wear your jewelry in summer.

Seashell jewelry

If you want to wear trendy jewelry, you should start with these. In summer, it’s clearly a must-have to go to the beach. In addition to being perfect for going to the beach, they are not at all sensitive to the sun. On they are available in several very interesting versions, sometimes with small shells, sometimes with larger ones.

Some are made with several sizes of shells for more originality. You will also find in several colors, from the soberest to the most eccentric.

There is plenty to satisfy all your desires knowing that shell jewelry is available in necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. All you have to do is know how to accommodate the look and the circumstances. To go to the beach or for outdoor activities, they are simply beautiful.

Golden jewelry

Need another trend in terms of summer jewelry you can buy online? Opt for golden jewelry that is reminiscent of the sun. The trendiest is clearly the golden chains, especially those that fall to the chest or navel. This kind of jewelry also goes very well with the busters, in top or dress.

Jewelry: what to wear for the summer?

To highlight your cleavage or a flat stomach, there is no better. Besides, you are not unaware that in summer, we do not cover ourselves very much. So why deprive yourself of highlighting your attributes. If you’ve always dreamed of putting golden chains in rows, this may be the time to indulge yourself. They blend very well with white, midnight blue, and many other colors. Learn more on this page.

The jewelry gold bracelets also come in, in chains for the foot and earrings. What do you think about trying Creoles? There are so many different thicknesses and diameters that you can easily find the ones that fit your look. If you have a long, oval face, you can try all kinds of creole earrings.

Brazilian jewels

Wear jewelry in the summer, it sounds like obvious. It is indeed another way to wear walleye. For the summer, it’s clear what you need to be the most beautiful. Indeed,   Brazilian jewelry is not famous for being discreet. These are naturally very cheerful pieces with very original patterns that energize your look.

Patterns and shapes, there are several. In between floral motifs, ethnic motifs and many more, there is clearly plenty of choices. Just find the jewels that best fit your morphology. You should know that Brazilian jewelry, because of its size, is only suitable for one type of morphology.

Earrings, for example, are not at all suitable for small faces or round faces. They would be good if you have a triangular, rectangular or square face. For the bracelets, they are more adapted to the corpulent people, because they put their silhouette in value. Also,   Brazilian jewelry should be worn with solid color outfits.