How To Play Darts Well?

The darts! It is one of the best ways to spend your time healthy while having fun. Darts are a game of skill and skill which young and old can enjoy.

The dartboard is the set formed by the disc and the darts themselves. The disc is divided into several circles and sections which are colored in different colors. The colors of the dart disc are yellow, green, red, black and white. Each color and each level of the circle has a meaning in the game. So, you have to master them to be able to play darts.

The basic rules of the game of darts

You can’t play a game without knowing the rules. We call “target”, each section of the dart disc which is the big target. There are twenty (20) targets numbered from 1 to 20 in a mixture. The points obtained when the dart hits a target vary according to its color and position.

1st rule: each turn, the player has the right and the duty to throw three darts.

2nd rule: the dart that falls from the target is not in the account

3rd rule: the center of the target called “bull’s eye” is subdivided into two parts: the small circle in red is worth 50 points and the largest in green is worth 25 points.

4th rule: the inner section (red and green) follows the center of the target and reports triple its numerical value while the outer section (green and red) located at the end of the target reports double its numerical value. Gaming is really an important asset so does the gaming at 파워볼사이트

5th rule: regardless of the section, when the dart falls in yellow and black, it reports the exact numerical value of the section.

Once you know the rules, adopt a favorable position to play well.

The different positions for playing darts

There are three positions for playing darts. These are: the front position, the lateral position, and the three-quarter position.

The front position

It is classic and implies that the player stands straight and immobile. His feet should be spread apart and separated by a reasonable distance that allows him to be in balance while throwing. Located at a distance of 237 cm and feet perpendicular to the wall that carries the target, the player must not move his chest when throwing the dart. Only the arm moves during the launch. The very elegant front position requires a certain amount of training time to succeed. Another alternative presents itself.

The lateral position

This position implies that the player must stand parallel to the wall carrying the dart and to the shooting line. His feet are brought together so that he remains in balance and the shoulder on the side of the line of fire is oriented towards the target. It rests on the foot located near the shooting arm to launch the dart. The lateral position admits movements unlike the front position and is recommended for beginners. However, another possibility is offered to the player.

The three quarter position

It recommends that the player has one foot forward and one foot back. The front foot is placed at the lower limit of the shooting range and forms an angle of 45 ° with the rear foot, this being parallel to the shooting plane. During the throw, the back foot comes off the ground and only the plant remains. The three-quarter position allows for a dynamic and lively throw, but it does not provide the stability necessary for a precise throw.

Playing darts well requires mastering the basic rules and choosing the playing position that suits you. You have the choice between the front position, the lateral position, and that of three quarters. Make the right choice and don’t forget to choose a good darts!

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