Download Free Media Player Classic For Windows 8.1 – 32 & 64 bit

Grab and download the best media player classic suitable for windows 8.1. Grab it for pc/laptopas its offline installer exe setup and enjoy. Media Player Classic, also known as Media Player 321, is a free video player with a simple visual, inspired by Windows Media Player 6.4, that was running in the first versions of Windows. With a lightweight interface and simple installation – just download – the program runs videos of the most varied formats and has support for codecs that add extra media. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and runs from computers with older systems to Windows 7. Unfortunately, the program is not available in Portuguese or for Mac and Ubuntu.

Download Media player classic : Windows 8.1

Download Free Media Player Classic For Windows 8.1 – 32 & 64 bit

The “lightness” of the software causes the application to save memory during its installation. It eliminates the use of heavy interfaces and the creation of libraries that can make it “heavier”. The application natively supports formats like MPG, AVI, DVD and SVCD / CVD. However, to support current formats such as MKV, RMVB and MP4, you need to install additional codecs.


Ideal for those looking for a simple and light video player, the service does not even require installation. Just unzip the .ZIP file and run the program file. The simple interface allows the user to access video files and play DVDs easily. Here’s how to control Windows Media Player with Android.

Media Player Classic For Windows 7
Media Player Classic For Windows 7

Amidst so many options, it allows you to capture video images, add subtitles to movies, make the interface even more minimalistic and make the application window stand above others, allowing uninterrupted viewing. There are even options for running in full screen, Zoom and even changing the aspect of the video – forcing the display in 16: 9 (Cinema) or 4: 3 (old TVs and monitors).

The application is compatible with all video codecs in the market, provided the user knows how to install them. Therefore, it is necessary to download and install codecs later.

Differences between versions

People often think Media Player Classic and Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) are the same program. Media Player Classic is a video player with advanced settings, simple visual, but only with support for a few video formats.

The “Home Cinema” is a modification of the Media Player Classic. Created by other programmers, this modification is supported by the Portuguese language and the codecs of the most popular and used formats are already included in the program. Among these codecs we can highlight: MPEG-4 (MP4), MP2, MP3, H.264, OGM and MKV. Download Media Player Classic and watch your videos with quality!

Supported Formats

Media Player Classic has a wide range of formats supported, they are: flv, mkv, srt, swf, vob, m3u, ogv, m4a, m4v, aac, m2p, wv, mpeg4, vp6, xvid, mts, avi, mov , Mp3, bik, cda, mp4, ogg, wav, wmv, wpl, ac3, aif, aiff, asf, asx, dvf, m2ts, mid, mpeg, mpg, msv, shn, spx, webm, wma, aifc , Apl, ax, h264, lrc, m4b, prx, rmi, tta, vid, wax, wms, and wmz. To run some of these file types, however, you may need to install additional codecs to the program.

Our opinion
Media Player Classic may be better known for later projects such as Home Cinema. Created by a single programmer called Gabest, the program has become immensely popular when being embedded in video codec packs like K-Lite Codec Pack. Due to codec packs like K-Lite many people thought that the Media Player Classic was doing all the work to view the videos.

It can be called a “piece of software,” because it alone does not solve the problem of displaying videos in various formats. Codecs are essential. In this aspect, MPC has only the basics, which are: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI and industry standards such as DVD / VCD.

The software that borders on simplicity, has inspired other video players, such as VLC. But the minimalism of the interface hides a highly configurable application. The MPC is packed with options and settings that provide the best video viewing with the lowest power consumption of your computer. One of the highlights is the options for enabling filters, which in turn enable third-party codecs such as Matroska, H.264 and Real Media.

Media Player Classic may have stopped in time compared to the interface, however, the quality of the features outweighs commercial players, offering the user great possibility of customization. With no strides in the project since 2009, it is continued by the Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Simple interface
Powerful Features
Development without progress since 2009 | classypedia

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