Download Free VLC media player for windows 8.1 | 32 bit Latest Version

Download a free vlc media player setup for windows 8.1. This version of vlc is compatible with 32 bit windows. Just grab it for your system and then enjoy on the go.

Vlc media player is one of the most downloading software as system utility. The demand is due to its need and features. VLC is offering hell of features in open source. So why should not have benefit of this. Multi language option availability make it popular in all over the world. One can easily switch the language within setting option of player.Download VLC media player free 32 bit

Synchronization option support in media player made it a lot more handy to make voice and video sync with each other. In some cases of video tracks, audio is some what forward ot backward. But now with the help of vlc you can easily match them in a row. Just click on sync option and then make it as you wish,

Normal system allows just 100 percent of the volume as do many other media players. But vlc really worth appreciation as it can double up the volume of any track. Because its upper limit is 200 for volume. Be ware, it is hazardous for health and can damage speaker if the volume of vlc is really high. So have it in normal range, which is better for your system.

Easy to understand and handy in use is awesome feature of the vlc. One may not be professional with computer field can easily control all the options as per given in player. The reason is its management, that is arrange in fine manner. You dont have to look for here and there for each little option. Adding to this, it has got some short cuts and you can easily control major functions of the media just by switching between buttons of the keyboard.

Download Vlc media player for Windows 8.1:


Other Information Related to player:

Size: 29.1 MB

Requirements: Windows 8.1

Supporting Languages: Multiple languages.

Licence: Open source. | classypedia

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