Download Free VLC Media Player For Windows 8.1|64 Bit Latest version

Setup of vlc media player download free as exe format for windows 8.1. This is 64 bit of vlc media that is latest version of the player. Grab it to install and then play audio videos of your choice.

This media player is open source for all windows users to run in their system, without any pre payment or advance licencing. All you have yo do is to run its installer and then complete the installation process that is pretty much easier.vlc media player download windows 8 free

Vlc media player supports many languages, that can be altered in the setting options. Open the settings if you want to change or adjust the languages according to your regional lingual settings. And set it accordingly. It supports many of the major international / foreign languages. So find out yours and then select it.

Vlc media has many features, all of them are very tough to explain in just one article. While some of them really worth to be explained.

VLC media player is a good choice for windows as it allows sound volume level upto 200 times. While comparing to the normal system volume level that is limited to 100.

By using vlc in 64 bit windows 8.1 you can synchronize audio and video. I mean to say that if you come up with some video in which the audio is lacking behind or goes forward to video, then you cn adjust that by vlc media. This feature is included there. Just open the setting option and then there an option of sync and apply it according to your need and desire.

This media player is free to download for windows 8.1, while you can install it on any other windows version with 64 bit O.S.

Download Free VLC media player for windows 8.1


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