Download Free VLC Media Player For Windows xp|64 Bit Latest version

You can easily download and grab free vlc media player setup for windows xp version and operating system of 64 bit. This is a professional media player meant for windows users. Scroll the page and download the latest version of VLC.

Download free vlc 64 bit xp windows
VLC media player cover free

Features of vlc media player

The vlc media is the most popular player that everyone use it. VLC isn’t just a player; it is a complete player for all formats like videos and music playback. VLC can convert media files between the formats it supports. You can use vlc player to convert media from an unsupported formats to one your device supports, or even extract to the audio from a video to save it as a separate file.

Vlc player has the top position in the free media player of its easy interface. It is easy to use, simply drag and drop files to play and open those using files or folders, and use the classic media navigation button to do every function. Vlc includes a fairly easy to use streaming feature that can stream music and videos over a local network or internet. Another powerful feature of vlc player is that it can record your desktop by saving media to a file streaming with vlc. You can also watch you tube videos on the vlc player just copy the video’s url on address bar. It has huge variety of skins and customization options. You can add the subtitles to the videos. The most advanced features of vlc are you can take snap shot while playing video, play video frame by frame, play video parts continuously, and can adjust video screen size.

Download VLC media player 64 bit


Vlc is very useful media player. Vlc is a versatile high quality free media player, it holds the influence for the media player market since many years and till so far.



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