Pi Music Player Apk for Android App Direct Download Latest Version

Pi Music Player Apk for Android App Direct Download Latest Version. Want to get the best music experience on your Android device!

Pi music player is a great music player, beautifully designed with a material design in mind and filled with some of the exceptional powerful features.

Pi Music Player Apk 

Pi Music Player Apk
Pi Music Player App

It is one of the best music players that can meet all your musical needs.

The built-in equalizer adds great value to your music listening experience.

The most attractive and intuitive user interface combined with sharp and clean designs will give you the best user experience.

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You can easily navigate through all the music files with the improved folder view.

Pi Power Share is a cross-platform music sharing feature securely powered by Send Anywhere. It lets you share anything you want, such as more tracks, more albums, multiple genres and even multiple playlists to anyone in the world. You can learn more about Pi Power Share here – http://100piapps.com/powershare.html

Easily set any song as the default ringtone in a matter of seconds.
You can even cut any MP3 file using Cutter tone and make them as default ringtone as well.

Main Features:

★ Built-in 5-band equalizer with bass boost, 3D reverb effects, Virtualizer and 10 presets.
★ tone cutter to accurately cut any mp3 file.
★ Pi Power Share
★ Enhance Folder view of all music files.
★ Timer.
★ Go to change songs on the playback screen.
★ Edit metadata for tracks, albums, artists, genres.
★ elegant, intuitive and user-friendly interface and media controls very well designed.
★ Three great themes – Theme brightness, light theme and dark theme.
★ 25 large funds go through the theme through purchase on application.
★ Screen controls lock full screen with album art.
★ Cool seamless transitions and animations.
★ support for widgets.

Pi music player is a free country (funded by advertising) Music player to be used with local music files.

————————————————– ———-
We strive hard to make this music perfect for you.
Anyway, if you notice any error or hangs, please report it by sending an email to us.
We will definitely try to solve all the problems as soon as possible.

If you would like to provide feedback, give feedback or suggestions on this application, do not hesitate to email us at:

We will definitely respond to your email again.
————————————————– ————-
The album cover of the standard images used in the screenshot and the application designed by Freepik.

For a better experience, please use headphones for reverb 3D effects.
# Some devices may not support 3D reverb effects. It depends on the hardware of the device.We apologize if it does not work on your device
# 10 The first opening application will be free of publicity.

Permits explained:
# Read confidential data from the registry -> To send the lock report to the developer.
# Read, modify or delete the contents of the USB storage -> To read, modify or delete music files.
# Change audio settings -> For equalizer and control.
# Full access connections and network view -> To show ads, and also to the lock report for the developer.
# Change system settings -> To change the unit tone.
# Change the system display settings -> Because there is no landscape mode for the tone cutter and on-screen playback.
# Prevent the device from suspending -> Playback screen does not sleep when you are playing a song.

Thank you so much for your patience and support! 🙂


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