Download Free VLC media player for windows 7| 64 bit Latest Version

Grab vlc media player setup for your windows 7. This latest version of media player supports 64 bit O.S of windows. So download it and install in your operating system.

VLC media player is among the most demanded windows player due to its wonderful features and option within the software. There are astonishing features that are meant to be explored and be applied.

Download free 64 bit windows 7 vlc media player
VLC media player

Multilingual supporting option is loved all over the world. Because it make any one to use vlc in his/her own language. There are many international and foreign languages supported within the media player for windows. Just search the language of your region and then select it as your default language. Then see how it looks to you. Surely it  will be nice to you as it is in your language now.

Another feature of vlc media player that make it really worth to be downloaded and installed is free service of online streaming. You can watch and stream online audios and videos within vlc. Just launch the feature and then search the tracks of your choice and enjoy.

Synchronization is the problem being faced by many windows 7 users. That can be solved by using vlc player. You can make sound and video forward or backward as it sounds good to you. Just adjust the best you like and then continue the track.

There are a lot more features of v-l-c media player. All of then cant be explained in just one article. Just grab the vlc and then explore it on your own 64 bit O.S.

Download 64 Bit VLC media for Windows 7


Other Information Related to player:

Size: 15 MB

Requirements: Windows 7 and 64 bit operating system.

Supporting Languages: Multiple languages. ( foreign languages )

Cost : 0 | classypedia

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